EuroBike 2017 & Whole Grain Cereal with Fresh Fruit and Kefir

September 9, 2017

German Cycling & Whole Grain Cereal Collage.png

Like I mentioned in the last post, I learned a lot about European cycling culture at Eurobike 2017 in Friedrichshafen, Germany last week and also had some terrifically flavorful foods. Regarding cycling culture, the Europeans are way ahead of where we are and continue to improve. Always actively improving: I love it!

Here's a German example of how downtown driving, cycling, and pedestrian access is put into practice. The car travel lane (not visible in the picture below) is far left. Cars park up to the sidewalk. The left side of the sidewalk is dedicated to cyclists. The right side of the sidewalk is where pedestrians walk. Yes, this separate but integrated access ingrained in German culture, and it all works incredibly efficiently.


Example of downtown separated sidewalk in Koeln (Cologne), Germany

Here's an example of what we're just starting to do in the states. This is a recently constructed two-way separated cycling lane in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Separated 2-way bike lane in Cambridge, MA

And then there's food. Here's what I had in a variety of forms just about every day in Germany: "Muesli mit Obst & Jogurt" (Muesli with Fresh Fruit and Yogurt).

German Muesli mit Obst und Jogurt (Muesli with Fresh Fruit and Yogurt

Here's my take on that: you bet, making it my own way with added nut butter, dried fruit, ground flaxseed, and a good shot of honey. But like I point out in the picture book recipe you can get by clicking this link, making it "my" or "your" own is what any recipe is all about - imagination is always your only limit!

Ingredients to make whole grain cereal with fresh fruit and kefir

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