Excellent Aug. 10 Ride and Leftover Lunch

Excellent 30-plus mile ride late this morning that included a couple bonus hills because of paving on the main route I usually take. Really diggin' the new sleeveless jerseys VOmax CEO, Dave Paulus, urged me to make (this one's the B237 Men's "Hammer Down" Elite). Never went sleeveless before, but I'm a big fan of these. (Thanks, Dave!)

Got home and put together this lunch made mostly with leftovers from the fridge. The first picture below shows leftover roasted sweet potatoes fries topped with leftover fried - and wicked flavorful tofu, leftover herb and garlic pan-cooked mushrooms, basil-cilantro pesto - none of which you can see, I know. What you can see are fresh tomatoes from my good buds at Berberian's Farms (killer!). Topped all that in the second picture with grated cheese, chopped scallions and a good shot of chopped jalapeños (gotta' have heat). Third picture shows it all topped with a shot of plain kefir (yogurt-like fermented milk drink - excellent!), which was then topped...
...with sun-dried tomatoes and...
....a shot of cider and balsamic vinegar and some nutritional yeast.
Sounds complicated, but leftovers good to go in the fridge made it all very easy to put together. Only thing is, I could only manage to eat about 2/3's of it for lunch. But that's the beauty. Just add some fish I made the other night and more vegetables, and dinner's good to go tonight!

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