Gorgeous November Bike Rip Followed by Breakfast for Lunch

November 26, 2017

Nov. 26 Ride & Lunch Collage.png

Out for a gorgeous late morning, late fall rip on the bike that featured a good look at one of my favorite cycling sights: Silverwood Organic Farm on Western Rd. in Sherbourne, MA. Sky was cloudy, wind snappy, temp. about 45 - perfect for November - and it all felt great under the Breitz! "Breeze Blaster" windbreaker over layered shirts.

Then home by noon to the full-on flavorful sweet and savory lunch shown below - fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, fresh almond butter, dried fruit, kefir and honey (intended for breakfast but skipped to get on the road sooner than later) along with Trader Joe's Crisp Bread and Goat Cheese Brie topped with their brand new, fantastically flavorful Roasted Garlic & Onion Jam (killer!) and my favorite Dijon mustard. Great stuff that all went well with ginger-mint tea brewed up fresh before walking out the door.

Full-on flavorful sweet & savory lunch with ginger-mint tea.

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