Making the Best of a Group Ride Fail

The fail's all mine. Confirmed by email with the Harvard Cycling Club (HUCA) I'd make the 6:30 start time from Peet's in Cambridge this morning. Got up at 4:30. Did my morning exercise routine, had a cycle-right killer breakfast - while doing design work (mistake 1). 

"C'mon, babe (everyone's babe, especially me when I talk to myself). Get out the door!" And I did with the GPS saying I'd get to Peet's just in time - or quicker, I thought, if I drive hot (mistake 2). But (really should be "butt") I was heading into Boston - traffic is bad enough as it is and worse with the sun a retina-melting laser in a clear August early morning sky.

Brake lights everywhere, t-bone crash near Cambridge, clock's not giving me a break - but then I see the group in front of Peet's on their bikes good to go. I slow, roll down the window. "You guys the Harvard ride?" One of the guys, I'm guessing one of the road-rippin' "hammer riders", smiles "Yep!" as I zipped off to find parking (mistakes 3-99). I have to imagine the whole group of 20 or so got a good, well deserved laugh seeing me cluelessly pull away with no chance of success and with no chance of deniability on my part as I glowed bright green in the driver's seat in one of my neon cycling kits.

You bet, parking failed completely. The group was long gone - as they should've been - when I circled back in my car, and I started heading home not exactly praising my best thinking. But then I rebounded. I've got the bike on the car. I'm (boldly) dressed to go. Find a way to meet the group next time on the bike.

I popped up Rt. 95/128 to Bedford, parked at the western end of the Minuteman Commuter Trail, ...

...right away met a great guy, Jim, who's getting into the electric bike business (excellent for all of us who ride), and rode with him most of the way to Arlington. Once in Cambridge, I was on roads - cars were great - and sometimes on the sidewalk (yah, going zero mph). But then...

...I saw and hopped on this: a brand new separated 2-way cycle lane, which took me almost all the way... Peet's. 

Yep, I'll figure it out - find parking off the trail close to Cambridge, ride the bike in to join the HUCA group at Peet's soon - and ride on!

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