Truth About Cell Phone and Wireless Radiation Video

There are more than 5 billion cell phones and well over 7.2 billion mobile devices in world. The number of those devices collectively has shot from zero to more than the number of people on Earth in just 30 years.

I came to the cell party a bit late ten years ago, and I've since been a big fan. I can talk with people just about anywhere on the planet - instantly. I can look up facts with incredible speed. My phone's my go-to device to learn foreign languages - everyday - and there's much more.

But what about the health risks associated with these devices? After all, mobile device technology is an offshoot of radar and microwave technology, and we know that direct exposure to electromagnetic energy is not what the surgeon general recommends.

I've search just a bit for mobile device health related information online - I just did that again now - and have found nothing more than "research continues with no conclusive proof".

Sound familiar?

Then, last night I watched a much more conclusive video delivered by renowned Phd. epidemiologist, Dr. Devra Davis, who was one of the key drivers pushing for the smoking ban on airlines. To me, Dr. Davis's 2015 video, "The Truth About Mobile Phone and Wireless Radiation", comes with the same wake up punch as UCSF pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Robert Lustig's eye opening 2009"Sugar: The Bitter Truth"video about the severely negative health effects of sugar.

That video significantly changed my life.

The most significant consideration to bear in mind regarding mobile devices is that their energy does not treat all ages and sexes equally. Kids are most vulnerable, and men women are affected differently.

I already barely use my cell phone directly with my head. I use wired ear buds instead or talk on speaker phone. Beyond that, I'll now make sure to keep my phone out of my pocket whenever I can.

Please give the video a look and then make up your own mind about how you plan to interact with your mobile devices.

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