VOmax Engages the Cycling World at Day 1: Interbike 2018 Reno


Day 1 of Interbike 2018 Reno kicked off yesterday. Interbike attendance over the past 3 years has been trending down, but those there on the show floor were there with energetic enthusiasm and lots of innovation.

Some quick highlights:

Morning started with the industry breakfast featuring a panel talk moderated by People for Bikes President Tim Blumenthal and an excellently and energetically delivered "You can't win today's business battles using yesterday's strategies" talk by ACE Hardware CEO John Venhuizen.


Show floor ran 10-6. Had fun riding a few stationary miles with Nuun Hydration to raise funds for People for Bikes, learning about new technology, like Crown Roller cycling rollers invented by former fellow Westborough, MA resident/neighbor, Charles McNall (never met him before/incredibly small world), and meeting over a dozen cycling shop owners and reps hearing their stories and letting them know where we are and where we're going at the new VOmax.


Day finished with a VOmax team dinner at Liberty Food & Wine Exchange. All fun - with a purpose!


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