Why Breitz!? - All About Helping You and Giving Back

As a former runner and avid cyclist, I launched Breitz! "Be Bright, Be Seen!" performance wear to:

1. Help drivers see us cyclists and runners better on the road. (I get a thumbs up or "Cool jersey!" shout from drivers and more space on the road now that I wear this stuff.)

2. Support local cycle and run shops.

3. Contribute to cycling and running clubs, teams, and organizations to improve cycling, running, and driving safety.

The products you see here are just the start. In addition to developing them, I've also invested and become part owner of the company that makes Breitz!, the new VOmax, based in a Mecca of cycling, Northampton, Massachusetts. Breitz! is the first new VOmax line with more to come.

Check out our wear, let me know what you think, and please pass the word on to your cycling and running buds. It's all about rippin' it on the road, living to tell about it, and having fun doing it!

Ride on! Run on!


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