The Physical, Mental and Inspirational Benefits of Cycling


The 3+ reasons I love hopping on the bike regularly are what it does to keep me in shape physically, mentally and spiritually, especially when I get knocked by something unexpected like I did with Covid for a second time a few weeks ago.

Yes, I was and am still low on energy, but just moving and enjoying that "plus" in the 3+ reasons mentioned above, what I get to see and how I see it from the bike, makes me realize how incredibly fortunate I am to live where I live and be able do what I do.

And on one of those recent gorgeous North Carolina hops, I thought of improvising something fun for lunch when I got home. That's something I do regularly when I'm perfectly healthy too, and it sure added a spring to my feet in the pedals when I wasn't feeling so hot.

Soon as I got home, all I did was cover half a tortilla with grated mozzarella and provolone cheese and top half of that with sliced plum. I then put that bad boy in the microwave oven for 30 seconds.

As soon as that warmed, I doubled over the tortilla, layed on a good spread of both almond butter and fig jam, and topped it all with dried cranberries.

And this is how it looked in the end. Delicious and, ha!, take that Covid!