Igniting 6 Feet, Thanks! Road Safety For All, Part 2: Taking Action

Last post on "road safety for all" focused on the problem: US cyclist and pedestrian road traffic injuries and deaths are only increasing.

I closed that article with "Effecting real change to make roads safer for all is a long, steep climb. But the alternative, doing nothing, is unacceptable. We can make a difference only if we road athletes, enthusiasts, retailers and advocacy organizations unite our efforts, lead by example both on and off the road and advocate in growing numbers for coherent, consistent change community-by-community and state-by-state."

Persistent action is all that counts.

Breitz! is actively making a difference by igniting a “make roads safer for all” movement that includes:

  • helping drivers see road athletes/enthusiasts in bright, bold, driver-respectful performance wear 
  • actively advocating for standardizing social distancing inspired 6-feet separation between motorized and non-motorized traffic by:
    • working with local town and county government, police, DPW and Dept. of Transportation
    • connecting with state legislative transportation committees
    • working with national and state safety organizations (People for Bikes, League of American Bicyclists, MassBike, BikeWalkNC, and more)
  • ensuring the Breitz! road safety message is relevant through daily cycling, running, walking and annual coast-to-coast cross-country road trips (since 2021 - with a bike in the back seat)...

       ...to experience and assess local road conditions, accommodations for cyclist, pedestrian and motorized traffic and motorized and non-motorized traffic behavior community-by-community, state-by-state.

Yes, like I mentioned above, the climb is steep, but It's a labor of love with purpose - and a big smile moving the needle forward!

As a terrific friend of mine would say, you don't have to buy the idea. Just rent it for a while and consider joining the effort.

Thanks & ride/run on!



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