Long Shot: Bike Ride, Lost Keys and Social Media Power

Long shots sometimes do score.

I found the above Chevy key chain on the side of the road while on a Granite Falls bike hop today. 

After trying but not getting the Chevy key fob to work on two Chevy's parked feet from where I'd found the keys in the grass, I brought key chain a little further up the hill to Rhodhiss Town Hall.

Rick Justice, who works there, took the keys, and I told him I would post a note about finding them on Facebook and other social media when I got home. Rick appreciated that and, as a Rhodhiss resident and official, right away started making calls himself. 

I called Rick when I got home to make sure I had his name right before putting out social media posts, and what Rick told me made me smile. Seconds before I called, the keys had been picked up by the husband of the woman who owned them after Rick and others he knew had just put out Facebook posts reporting those lost keys. That husband then called to tell me the keys had fallen off his truck yesterday and to thank me for turning them in. 

Losing keys happens all the time, but I'm amazed how quickly word through the social media grapevine got through.

Yes, long-shots sometimes do score, and this one scored exceptionally fast through the power of teamwork and technology at its best. Love it!

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