Appreciating My Cycling Buds Off The Bike - Charlie's "On Golden Pond"

One of my favorite benefits of riding with my Hickory Velo Club brothers and sisters is learning more about who they are and what makes them tick off the bike. 
A terrifically powerful example: last night my good Sis and I hopped out to the HUB Station Arts Center in Hudson, NC, to see one of my good cycling brothers, Charlie Finkel, play Norman Thayer in "On Golden Pond". Charlie is a retired trial lawyer and also a well-trained, lifelong true acting professional. Just as he did in "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "Last Round-Up of the Guacamole Queens" last year, Charlie  nailed his lead role in "On Golden Pond" as did his fellow acting team. 
It's an understatement to say the evening was a thrill. And I'm doubling down on that. Next week, I'll him seeing again in the same play with my good brother Ken and his wife Julia. All fun!
Thanks, Charlie, for a good look at a great and enriching part of your life!

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