Breitz! - Brightly and Boldly Improving Road Safety For All and More

Appropriate separation between cyclists and a passing drinver

It's a lot of fun - with purpose - breathing life into Breitz! (pronounced "brights") "Be Bright, Be Seen" performance wear that sprang from decades of road cycling interaction with drivers and, specifically, an encounter with a woman driver who years ago told me bluntly at a traffic light, "Hey, I just want you to know I couldn't see you back there. (I was wearing black shorts and a white bike jersey) Wear brighter clothes!"

Some bullets:

  • The "6 Feet, Thanks!" line available here, which will be expanded this week after I get an imminent delivery this week from the Colombia, South America, Code Sports factory, is designed to transform COVID-inspired social distancing to improve safe separation between road athletes/enthusiasts and drivers

  • Every blog post here will be short to maximize punch/minimize reading time
  • This site is more than just about Breitz! wear. Sure, Breitz! is my business, but I'll also feature information about other uniquely useful/practical products, relevant cycling/run industry/community news (I'm an NBDA (National Bike Dealers Association) member), and "Athlete Rocket Fuel" food/sports nutrition information that will include picture book recipes from my Gotta' Eat, Can't Cook site.  

Bottom line: yes, it's a steep climb improving road safety for all, but together, we're gonna' chase that down with active purpose and a smile!


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