Honoring Bentonville Bike Fest 2024 with Breitz! "Rollback" Sale

At Sea Otter Classic 2023, I pitched the idea of an outdoor industry/business/community-led effort to bend the curve down on the ever-increasing nationwide traffic crash rate despite the current rules, regulations and enforcement policies in place. 100% of the vendors I met responded with an enthusiastic "Yes!" and many added, "You gotta' go to Bentonville (Arkansas) to see what they're doing".

I'm glad I listened - and obeyed!

To say there's a lot going on in Bentonville to add separated bike lanes, improve road safety for all road users and build dedicated, connected multi-use trails, like those shown above, would be an insult to "understatement". 

Last year I just biked Bentonville roads and marveled at the depth of Walton (Walmart) Family Foundation-led infrastructure expansion. This week I'm going back to Bentonville for their 4th annual Bike Fest to mix it up with vendors and riders to pitch what Breitz! is doing as a brand and what we're doing in Hickory, North Carolina, to ignite a comprehensive community/business-led Safe Streets For all effort.

As a tribute to that effort and Bike Fest, I've reduced prices on all Breitz! "6 Feet, Thanks!" cycling and run/walk wear. Please pass on the word and keep in mind that one person wearing "6 Feet, Thanks!" wear is a personal statement; many people wearing it is a movement. Leading a movement to improve road safety for all one person at a time, community by community is what this is all about!

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