How Breitz! Is Responding to the US Traffic Crash Crisis

Though the picture above shows how safe our roads can be through mutual awareness, respect and bright, clear messaging, the evidence is clear that our roads have become increasingly more dangerous for all road users. 

As posted on the US Dept. of Transportation website: "Almost 95% of people who die using our nation’s transportation networks are killed on our streets, roads, and highways, and this threat to our safety is getting worse." (My bolding.)

Here's a graphic from that same website...

...and a statement:

"The U.S. Department of Transportation has a responsibility to make our roadways safer for everyone; we also recognize that we can’t do it alone."

Breitz! (pronounced "Brights") is responding to USDOT's "can't do it alone" call to action to improve road safety for all by:

  • making bright, bold "Help drivers see you" cycling and run wear 
    • please click the image below to take advantage of "let's get jerseys on bodies" prices to ignite a "6 Feet, Thanks!" movement among road athletes and enthusiasts as one step to improve street safety for all
  • organizing a community/business-led Safe Streets For All (SS4A) effort designed to:
    • supplement existing rules, regulations and enforcement policies with a common sense approach intended to improve individual responsibility and mutual accountability for all on the road
    • be developed as a proof of concept in Hickory, North Carolina, that can then be adopted by communities across the country

Making our streets safe for all will only happen if we hold ourselves and each other accountable for how we use our roads. I'll keep you posted on progress and very much look forward to your active engagement. 

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