Local Evidence Points at The Urgent Need to Transform Road Behavior

Will's Overturned Car on Springs Road and McDonald Parkway
Last post a couple weeks ago discussed the broad-based urgent need to change road behavior to bend the curve downward on the ever-increasing rate of road traffic accidents. 
Here's a recent local Hickory, NC, example as posted by my good friend, Will, and connected directly to the picture of his overturned car above.
"I started not to post this but if helps anyone l will be glad. This is my car. On Saturday evening I was going thru the intersection of Springs Road and McDonald parkway. I had the green light and a driver turned right on red hit my car and flipped it over. I am glad the good LORD was looking after me and I always wear my seat belt. I got by with a bruised arm and bruised stomach and ribs but it could have been a lot worse. Please wear your seat belt and look good before turning right on red."
Best thing about this: Will's alive to tell his story, and I'm glad he did.
Next: a story close to my cycling buds and me. After that, I'll share local efforts we're getting underway here in Hickory to change road behavior through culture change. Steep climb: you bet! But the alternative, leaving the status quo alone, is unacceptable.
More soon!

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