My COVID Recovery: No Problem

I'd just come home from seeing the very fun Top Gun Maverick movie with a good group of fellow Hickory Velo Cycling Club buds when I felt flu or bad cold symptoms come on fast. Later that night, I woke with the telltale signs of COVID: mild fever, full body ache, big headache and on-fire sore throat.

Some quick personal health facts. I did not get any COVID shots and am fine with that decision. I'm almost 64 years old, 6' 3" and under 160 pounds. I eat and drink exactly what you see on the Gotta' Eat, Can't Cook  site with an emphasis on eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. I usually only supplement my diet with Vitamins D3 and B12 and a light dose of zinc. And I'm on the bike every day.

I strongly believe and practice that the keys to good life quality and both disease prevention and disease recovery are what you eat and how you move your body.

When I came down with COVID last week, I checked in with a good, reliable friend who runs a health food store here in Hickory. She recommended supplementing my diet with the immunity support kit and flu symptom reducing tablets you see here.

I've followed her advice to a "T". I've stuck to my diet (regular eating). And I haven't missed a day on the bike - though I did cut back from "normal" last week, which, even on days I felt worst, always made me feel better both on the road and when I got back home. I mean, how bad can you feel when you're bathed in North Carolina glory like this?

Bottom line: yes, COVID, the virus, is real. But just like a bad cold or the flu, your outcome is heavily influenced by your health state when you get infected. My good buds here keep an eye out and ask how I'm doing. My answer: considering how severely others have been affected, I got off lightly and am doing great. Thanks, good friends. I sure wish the same for you!

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