Fully Flavorful, Versatile and Easy Fresh 5-Ingredient Salad Dressing Picture Book Recipe

Like I've mentioned, this site is not just about performance wear but about peak performance across the board. Actually, regarding performance, what you put in your body is hands down more important than what you put on your body.

And when it comes to what i put in my body, I don't take prisoners when it comes to both real ingredients and flavor. Flavor rules!

I recently posted this extremely easy-to-make, highly versatile Instant 5-Ingredient Salad Dressing on the Gotta' Eat, Can't Cook site that requires no cutting or chopping and goes great, of course, on any salad but also on pasta, with rice, grains, over meat, fish, chicken - your imagination is your only limit.

This post is about how to make that dressing fresh-er just by substituting garlic powder with fresh garlic. 

I'm a big fan of fresh garlic for its rich, bold flavor - and its equally potent health benefits that include: boosted immune system, lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, cancer prevention, improved athletic performance - and much more, which you see in greater, easy-to-read details at this Spice World link.

Two quick practical tips about fresh garlic. First, choose fresh garlic bulbs, like the one shown below, that are firm to a good hand squeeze, heavier in weight (more water content) and show no signs of dark grey mold under the skin or green shoots growing out of the bulb.

Second, to make peeling the garlic skin as easy as possible, which otherwise is the least fun part about dealing with fresh garlic, first crunch the individual garlic cloves with a forceful, garlic skin breaking press and pop with the side of a wide-bladed chef's knife, as shown here. 

You can see all the above - and more - by clicking this link for the complete Fresh 5-Ingredient Salad Dressing picture book recipe.

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