My Dear Ol' Mom's "JIC" and Nut Butter and Cookie Spread Road Crepe

My dear ol' Mom "live life 'bright eyed & bushy tailed' and with compassion" role model had quite a few family famous lines. One was "Take it with you, JIC", aka "Just in Case", which she almost always qualified with a blunt "It's better to have it and not need it than not have it and need it". Yes, ma'am.

This past Saturday I sure heard her voice between my ears while prepping for a crunch on the bike with my good Hickory brothers. I'd actually started that prep the night before by making fresh crepes - all easy (click this link for picture book directions). I then laid on a good spread of both nut butter and cookie spread and topped that with raisins (click this link for step-by-step picture directions - and skip adding yogurt & whipped cream if you're packing that crepe as shown below).

In the background of the 2-shot picture above, you can see what I had for breakfast before the morning ride: fruit with yogurt, jam and dried fruit along with 1/4th of a toasted waffle with nut butter, cookie spread and raisins that I topped later with a shot of yogurt and whipped cream - and very little coffee. I thought I had time. I didn't.

As I've mentioned before, a breakfast like the one above almost always keeps me completely fueled for my rides. Same thing here. We stopped for coffee halfway out. I had an extra large with milk but didn't eat anything - I wasn't even slightly hungry - and was just fine for the whole ride as mapped out above.

If my dear ol' mom could've seen me, she would've smiled, "Well, at least you had it, sonny. JIC!" Ma', you bet - and thanks! (Wow, that last line makes my eyes swim - for good reason!)

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