How to Make and Use Incredibly Versatile Fresh Crepes - All in Pictures

I took a fantastically invigorating coast-to-coast road & bike trip this summer to attend The Big Gear Show, assess bike and driver conditions/behavior, spread the "6 Feet, Thanks!" word to bike shops/communities and visit family and buds. 
Before taking off, I made a stack of fresh crepes that you can learn to make very easily with the picture book directions you can get by clicking this link.
Why crepes? Because they're incredibly versatile, meaning you can turn them on a dime, whether you want something sweet or savory. Those crepes worked great for breakfast and on-the-fly lunches like the chicken, ham and mustard crepe you see below that I made while filling the car with gas and then enjoyed while taking in stunning scenery on the move.
Here are just two examples, with picture book directions you can get by clicking their title. The first is a sweet version: Fresh Crepes with Nut Butter, Jam, Yogurt & Whipped Cream, which is one of my "go-to's" along with fruit and yogurt and a combination of coffee, hot chocolate and coconut water to power me for 2-4 hours on the bike.
Here's a savory version: Tuna and Provolone Cheese Crepe, that I made recently for dinner using leftover pan cooked tuna, provolone cheese and a healthy shot of mustard. Killer!
Now, let your imagination rip - and enjoy! 

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