Want Change? Be it. Vote Pat Harrigan for Congress!

Pat Harrigan for Congress 2024

Some personal credibility: I know what it's like to be elected on a local level as a 12-year school board member and 3-year selectman. I'm now 65. I've enjoyed wins with my community and have taken hits, sometimes as personal lows. Who cares?

This is about passing leadership to our younger generation and doing it with our heads screwed on our shoulders.

I had no idea who Pat Harrigan was until I met his wife, Rocky, while we standing out supporting Republican candidates during early voting in Hickory, North Carolina, a couple weeks ago. I listened to her, liked what I heard, and here's where the rubber hits the road:

Pat's a West Point grad, decorated Afghanistan combat-experienced former Green Beret, local NC defense contract manufacturer, father and husband - and has spent a lot of his own money to change the status quo. I respect that greatly - ha, even as a former Navy guy!

Here's what Pat stands for with my commentary.

  1. Secure borders - he supports legal immigration and wants to deport those who have come across our borders illegally - I agree completely!
  2. Lower taxes - I'm no tax & spender, but we're currently $35.5 trillion in debt - and that number keeps growing. When do we start making fiscal sense?
  3. Unleash our economy - I don't know his specifics, but 4 years ago we were energy sufficient and an energy exporter. Now we're not. Really? Yes, unleash our economy and let's make what we make in America more economically affordable.
  4. Back the blue - "Defund the police" has been a societal crusher. Yes, there have been abuses. Deal with them appropriately. We now can't find fine people to protect our communities. That needs to change.
  5. Abortion - On a call tonight, I heard Pat say he would support a national abortion ban. I'm not a fan of abortion. At the same time, I respect women and their right to decide. And though I don't agree completely with Pat on this issue - or those who support abortion no matter what, I most definitely support him as a qualified, experienced and outstanding representative of his generation and our future.

Maybe now you have a clearer idea where I stand, and you might not agree. That's fine.

However and wherever you stand, please remember we're all in this game together - and please vote!

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