Why I'm Investing Foot-On-Gas in Breitz!

Darkly Dressed Charlotte Cyclists vs. Brightly Dressed Cyclists
I've written about it here before. Road accidents are only increasing for lots of reasons. When it comes to driver-cyclist accidents, the primary cause: drivers not seeing cyclists. 
Here's an example. While stopped at a traffic light just outside of Charlotte, NC, I barely saw two cyclists roll through an intersection onto a busy road wearing clothing that blended in with both traffic and the road.
Darkly Dressed Charlotte Cyclists 
On the flip side, here's an example of driving behavior I experience regularly when others and I wear bright, bold, driver-respectful cycling wear. 
Car passing cyclists with more than 6 feet clearance 
One person wearing eye-catching bright colors and driver-respectful messaging like what you see above is a personal statement. Lots of people wearing those jerseys is a movement. And that movement in mass - drivers seeing those jerseys no matter the brand everywhere - is exactly why I've invested foot-on-gas in Breitz! "be bright, be seen!" performance wear and what we need if we have any hope at all of bending the accident curve downward and making our streets safer for all. 

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