Breitz!: More Than a Brand; It's About Connecting With You To Make Streets Safe For All

Breitz! Is a Story That Connects to You

I strongly believe in a vibrantly alive collective/connected consciousness and love how it applies to the give and take of moment-to-moment daily life. We are all constantly affected by those we love, know and interact with just as they are affected by us. 

Kristin Sundin-Brandt


Here's a direct example. I met and have become friends with Kristin Sundin-Brandt while participating the past 3+ years on regular NBDA (National Bike Dealers Association)  "Monday Mingle" bike shop problem-solving Zoom calls. Kristin is Sundin Marketing president and co-owns Steve The Bike Guy with husband, Steve Brandt. Last week she posted the following concise, dead-on accurate article on LinkedIn, What You Sell Is Not Your Brandthat finished with:


"Your brand is the stories you tell. The riders you keep rolling. The organizations you support. The reason you open the doors each day. It is built over time – piece by piece, story by story, interaction by interaction."


Talk about collective consciousness - and way beyond Kristin's words connecting directly with me. I've already started posting articles here and linking them to social media (Ow!) to tell the story about why Breitz! was created and is focused on connecting with YOU to change road behavior and culture to improve street safety for ALL. We're all in this together and only we together collectively have any chance of making the positive, life-saving change every metric of traffic safety (or lack thereof) shows we clearly need.


Next post: The scope of work top professionals at Charlotte-based Wray Ward Marketing devised to make Breitz! a laser-focused, potent vehicle of change.


More very soon and thanks, Kristin!

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