Breitz! Ignites a Multifaceted Movement to Improve USA Road Safety

Just back from a terrific coast-to-coast road trip spreading the Breitz! "6 Feet, Thanks!" word to bike shops and hopping on the bike at every stop to assess cycling and driver road conditions and behavior community-by-community, state-by-state. 

Now, it's "rubber on road" time to get "6 Feet, Thanks!" wear on bodies to help them be seen by drivers and keep foot-on-gas to ignite a movement to standardize safe separation between motorized and non-motorized traffic on roads across the country.

Steep climb? You bet! But the alternative, not pushing for improvement, is unacceptable - and I can sure use your help. Specifically, please let me know if you have any media contacts that would be interested in the press release shown below just printed in Bicycle Retailer and Industry News (BRAIN):

Always appreciate your help and support. Thanks!

Ride & run on!



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