Open Letter to Bike Shops: Why Joining the NBDA Makes Good Shop Sense

As a bike shop owner, you live the fight every day: an enthusiastically welcome surge in cycling interest (great!) versus the gut-wrenching drag of supply snags, retaining motivated staff, fixing bikes on time, big brands selling direct online and much more - and that's an understatement.

On the bright side, two positives. First, you are not at all alone. Second, there’s real help you can tap into right now by connecting with fellow shop owners and shop business experts through the best equipped, most versatile professional support group ever built specifically for you and your shop, the NBDA (National Bike Dealers Association). They and their uniquely expert problem identifying/solving skills, forums and contacts can and will make all the difference between surviving (not good enough) and thriving (heart of the envelope) during these tough times.

As owner of Breitz! “Be bright, be seen!” performance wear and an active NBDA member, I regularly see the power of the NBDA in action and do everything I can as a team member to support their efforts, which, in turn, support vitally needed cycling cornerstone shops like yours.

For more details about what the NBDA can do for you in concise bullet outline form, please click this link.

Glad to talk/answer any questions.

Ride & thrive on!

(c) 508-446-7790


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  • My brother, I like what you wrote it makes a lot of sense.

    Thomas Campbell

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