Vera Guitars Plus Wray Ward and What That Means For Breitz!

Vera Guitar Shop, Charlotte, NC
Last post mentioned that Wray Ward creative director, John Roberts suggested I check out Vera ("Truth") guitar store in Charlotte, NC, as an example of marketing help his team and he provided for a similar sized business as Breitz! Soon as he and I got off the phone, I hopped onto the Vera site and just as quickly connected with Vera brand executive, Jeff Zirkle.
I shot down to Charlotte the next day, and along with showing me kick-ass Taylor guitars and beautifully explaining why and which guitar might fit me best (Jeff is an excellent, fully knowledgeable sales guy), he showed and told me a good deal of what John and his Wray Ward team had done for Vera such as...
Vera Guitar Shop, Charlotte, NC
...creating a cool store logo and edge website completely from scratch and connecting customers to his store from the Charlotte area and far beyond. "Man, I have only great things to say about Wray Ward!" Jeff punctuated with a big smile. 
I said Jeff was a good salesman, and after talking more with John and his team, I'm sold on what Wray Ward can do to help Breitz! explode brightly and boldly into the cycling and run wear market and help make our streets safer for all.
Next post: Breitz! and Wray Ward Scope of Work (after a call with their marketing and creative team tomorrow (Thursday, Jan. 18)

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