Breitz! Teaming With Wray Ward Marketing Pros

Breitz! Teaming with Wray Ward Marketing Pros Banner Photo
John Roberts, Chief Creative Officer at Charlotte-based Wray Ward marketing firm, nailed it perfectly the first time we spoke a few weeks ago. "Having a website and online business is like having a lemonade stand in the middle of a forest. No one knows you’re there. You then need to help people find you.”"
Exactly! I know the Breitz! "6 Feet, Thanks!" cycling and run cycling jerseys and run tech tees I've started making connect with drivers by the thumbs up, kind waves and "cool shirt, where can I get one?" comments I get on the road - like no other cycling or run wear I"ve ever worn.
My problem; I need help getting the word out, especially if the purpose of making "6 Feet, Thanks!" wear - just one point of approach to help make streets safer for all  - has a fighting chance to succeed.
Helping me succeed is what John and his Wray Ward team are all about.
Next posts: a beautiful example of Wray Ward work and Breitz! scope of work outline. Ha! Here's just a tease of what you'll see - very soon:
Vera Guitars - Wray Ward client

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