Holiday Discount to Help Drivers See Your Loved Cyclist

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Being seen by drivers, as shown in a shot I took riding with buds below, is a cyclist's first line of defense.

Car passing cyclists with more than 6 feet separation 

Use this discount code, Breitz!2023, to order your choice of bright, bold fluorescent green (men) and/or celeste blue (women) or...

Men's and women's Breitz! 6 Feet, Thanks! Solid Fluorescent Cycling Kits's or women's camo-flash jerseys and bib shorts to help drivers see your loved one(s) on the road.

Men's and women's Breitz! 6 Feet, Thanks! Came-Flash Cycling Kits

Please contact me directly if you have any questions.

Happy Holidays!

Ride on, ride safe,

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 Bruce Tretter
(C) 508-446-7790


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